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Here at Website for Doctors create your identity on the Internet by helping us help you build your own medical website. Simply look at our gallery pick a template and contact us! For more templates contact us directly and we will have your website up with the content you provide. Look at the various tools available and decide on what you would like on your site! Send us your enquiry by simply filling up the form given and we will get in touch with you with the next step.

So why should you as a doctor or a medical facility have a website? The reasons are too many to count. A website is like a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week secretary who never goes on leave. Wouldn’t your clinic be better off having one? When your practice closes for the day, the Web site continues work by providing support, clinic details, and critical information needed by patients, referring doctors and potential clients.

As a Doctor it is vital for you to communicate with your patients. A medical website provides you with an ideal tool to do so with minimal headache. Today clinics which have a presence on the web see more foot falls in urban centers as people begin to search for doctors and hospitals close to their residence or work place using the computer or the phone.

There is much discussion these days about patients traveling out of their locality for healthcare services, as doctors complain about fall in business. Though this number is small it is a growing trend. Those who do usually have some common characteristics which are:

  • They are well settled
  • Are below 40
  • May travel due to work
  • Will select doctors and clinics based on information they have researched or heard
  • Use the internet for finding the above information!

So what is basic information your website can provide?

The information provided consists of contact information including phone numbers and addresses, patient query forms, clinic timings, maps and directions, service offerings and descriptions, doctor details, and frequently asked questions or FAQs.

FAQs can be a burden for your front desk staff during rush hours, where a patient can read up online and then come prepared maybe for a certain procedure or with the required reports. Photos and biographies of doctors and staff can be posted to provide a personal connection for patients before stepping foot into the office.

Patients are less apprehensive about their first consultation if they know what to expect. Providing information about your or the clinics expertise helps differentiate your practice from competitors. Many new tech savvy patients will seek out your Web site first, learn details about you and your services, and save you and your staff the trouble of explaining these services at length. You can also cut down patient information collection time by asking them to fill a pre-visit form online or providing a solution a form to be downloaded and filled when coming in for the consultation. This helps the patient and you prepare for the encounter.

Benefits of having a presence on the World Wide Web:

  • 24/7 customer service: A patient is a customer for the clinic, bearing that in mind any business that provides good customer service leaves a good impression. A website can give directions to your clinic, communicate clinic timings, and take down appointments 24/7. That’s a very efficient and productive secretary at a fraction of the cost per year!
  • Flexibility: The website is a flexible medium as compared to print. You can update any changes to the address, timings, availability within hours on the website. The key point is; how upto date is your information in the public domain for patients to see? Very and very quickly with a website!
  • Reaching new ears: A website lets you reach new frontiers. It allows fellow doctors, researchers, pharma companies, overseas patients and referrals to interact with you with ease and comfortably. Even your staff can make use of the website to chart leaves or provide information which cannot be communicated effectively over the phone. It is an excellent networking tool.
  • Medium of communication: New concepts like Blogs, RSS feeds, video and image capabilities allow you to share the latest news and developments at your clinic or in your area of medicine with your network of patients and doctors. This “one to many” medium is ideal to boast about new procedures or equipment being used at your clinic or one rare case that was solved by you.
  • Cool tools: Technology and web 2.0 allows you to provide some cool features which can help your patients and you. Tools which allow you to run your practice better and provide customer service with a difference is all possible on a website which can be developed with a whole variety of applications. Some common ones include online appointments, health calendars, medication reminders etc.


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