Website for Doctors Value Added Services

As a Website Client you can now avail of multiple Value Added Services which can make your life  simpler.

Communicate with patients, improve your clinic efficiency, maximize the benefit of getting an EMR software. Below is a list of Value Added Services Provided as an add on to your Website.





Sr. No. Value Added Service Mandatory Requirement* Cost Description
1 Custom Twitter Page a. Twitter Account a. Rs 2500 one time creationb. Rs 5000 per month to manage the account Twitter is the fastest growing and the most interactive Media in the world. The place where news is broken first. Allow us to create custom Twitter Pages (Example). Allow us to create Keyword rich messages to promote your site at an added monthly fee. (Example)
2 Custom Facebook Page a. Facebook Page a. Rs 2500 one time creationb. Rs 5000 per month to manage the account With over 500 million User this is the most popular website in the World. Now get custom fit pages for your Clinic (Example). Allow us to update your page with relevant content so it is useful to your Patients
3 Patient Portal(Online EMR Access) a. Hosting
b. Internet Connectionc. Plus91 EMR
Patient Portal: Rs 6000 per month Provide your patients with access to their reports instantly. All the big hospitals abroad do it, so why can’t you. At a fraction of an investment now provide to your patients’ records online. Increase clinic branding and also improve customer service using this unique feature
4 Search Engine Optimization NA Rs 75000 per year
Keyword Research Analysis: 3 Keywords
XML Sitemap Generation
Free Directory Submission
Making Profiles in related forums
Meta Tags Optimization
Body Heading Tag Optimization
Content Analysis & Optimization
Anchor Text Optimization
Image alt Tag Optimization
Landing Page Optimizations
Monthly Analysis & Reports
5 Slideshare Account Management a. Slideshare Account Rs. 2500 per month Send in your presentation and let us format and upload them on Slideshare so they can be shared with the World and embedded into your Website
6 Hardcopy Statistics Report NA a. Rs 12000 per year Get Hardcopy Reports in your email about the Health and Popularity of your Website. Know your viewer count, page views, visitor locations with a neatly formatted printed report which comes in your Email per month. (Example)
7 Custom Template NA a. Rs 3000 per template Get Custom template designed for your Website in case of the Basic/Advance Plan. Reflect the color which identifies with your Clinic.
8 Patient Education Videos and Content NA Pricing on Request Get Patient Education Videos and Content from trusted world reknown sources to make your website and famous amongst patient. Be a champion of Patient Education. (Example)
9 Online Appointments a. Internet a. Rs 5000 per year Now get new patients online and streamline your availibility without having to increase your resources. Patients can come to your website and request for an appointment on your free time slots. You get an SMS alert and the site confirms the Appointment.