Why a Medical Website for your Practice

Doctor’s Perspective:

Getting found on the internet: People search for everything online, even doctors. If they find your internet presence missing, they do not come to know what you are doing, what are your services and your contact details. This can create a bad impression leading to loss of potential customers.

It’s a serious business: Sourcing business online is becoming the norm. Providing valuable information about your services, locations, availability, and also USP is key to making a statement online. Change the way you practice by becoming active online.

The right choice: A medical website is a great platform to let the world know what you can do as a medical professional. Testimonials by actual clients create a profound impact on your business and medical practice. People like to know about actual incidents, incidents they can relate to. Create a sense of togetherness which translates into queries

Moreover, with the FAQs on your medical website you already have answered most of their questions before they visit you saving time in educating patients.

Pay online: With your website you can have your patients pay you online.

Now comes the icing on the cake, with just few minutes from your precious time, you can choose a template from our gallery section, give a URL of your choice and some basic information about you and your clinic and the website goes live within 5-7 working days.

Patient Perspective :

24/7 customer service: A patient is a customer for the clinic, bearing that in mind any business that provides good customer service leaves a good impression. A website can give directions to your clinic, communicate clinic timings, and take down appointments 24/7. That’s a very efficient and productive secretary at a fraction of the cost per year!

Patients are less apprehensive about their first consultation if they know what to expect. Providing information about your or the clinics expertise helps differentiate your practice from competitors. Many new tech savvy patients will seek out your website first, learn details about you and your services, and save you and your staff the trouble of explaining these services at length. You can also cut down patient information collection time by asking them to fill a pre-visit form online or providing a solution form to be downloaded and filled when coming in for the consultation. This helps the patient and you prepare for the encounter.

The information provided consists of contact information including phone numbers and addresses, patient query forms, clinic timings, maps and directions, service offerings and description, doctor details, and frequently asked questions or FAQs.

FAQs can be a burden for your front desk staff during rush hours, where a patient can read up online and then come prepared maybe for a certain procedure or with the required reports. Photos and biographies of doctors and staff can be posted to provide a personal connection for patients before stepping foot into the office.

Prevent calls at any hour: With the map of your clinic on the medical website, you will reduce the overhead of directing your patients over the phone. An updated address location with map will lead the patient at the doorstep of your clinic without troubles.

Get testimonials! : The patient feedback form will help you to extend your medical services referring to other potential patients.

Why Plus91?

Why does Website for Doctors appeal to the doctors who are signing up? Because we are a specialized service, like a highly specialized clinic, serving only doctors. Since we focus on dealing only with doctors, we understand their needs and wants, so we can deliver what is best for them.

Every website we have done has gone live online within 48 hours of the doctor providing us with the required information. What’s more important is that after the doctor takes the first step of choosing a template and sending us his basic data, we can send him his personalized dummy site by the next day. Seeing it live and understanding that his clinic is now live on the web enthuse doctors to ask for more! Seeing is believing!

What allows us to bond with doctors and give them the solutions which they need?

Our specialization based galleries; our dedicated team; and our medical domain expertise, because of the knowledge we have acquired as a result of developing our EMR products. A website can be tweaked and the content modified to give the doctor’s patients what they need from the website. A super specialist consultant can get exposure to international patients; while a small city specialist can get publicity and provide directions to his clinic.

Apart from the basic features of a website, there are some simple tools which can go a long way to improve your website experience for your patients. Our aim at Website For Doctors is to recommend these tools , such as health calculators, video galleries, online patient history forms; customized ask the doctor queries; and Google maps which provide directions to the clinic.

All the websites we develop are ready in double quick time and to the satisfaction of the doctors. Even today we provide suggestions and accept them to tweak them to make them better. As Mercedes says “the road to perfection has no finish line” but it definitely gives us, and the doctors who have decided to take this journey along with us, a goal for the future!

Plus91 believes in Information Therapy and a website is a very powerful way of facilitating this. Websites for Doctors is an initiative to help promote information therapy to the masses by promoting a website for every doctor in India within the next 2 years.

The key to specialization is expertise, experience, preparation and effort. Just like a doctor who specializes in Orthopedics spends 3 years after his MBBS to learn how to treat bone disorders, we have spent a lot of time mastering the technology for making doctor’s websites work well. This is our core competence and because we are a focused factory and do only this, we are very good at it. In fact, if the doctor selects a template and send in information he wants us to upload, we can setup his website within 12 hours flat!

The fact that we have addressed a very specific niche, for which we have developed unique processes, make us very innovative. A strong technical knowledge of how to create a state of the art medical website ; and extensive research into what an outstanding doctor’s website should look like in terms of content and graphics have helped us in achieving this goal.